Why Play Crossy Road and Learn the Endless Arcade Hopper?

Do you feel you can help a chicken or other characters cross the street and avoid getting killed while doing so? Anything could happen as they could get squished by cars, be drowned in a running river, and be attacked by eagles or other predatory creatures, but all these are done in a cartoony way and without any blood. For Crossy Road chrome extension like you, this is a reminder of the classic Frogger using the mixture of the components in PAC-MAN. Keep playing the fun and enticing game for hours despite going through precisely the same quest over and over again. It has the blocky, old-style that is attractive and balances simplicity and challenge, which makes the game addicting rather than frustrating.

In the game, you only need simple tapping and finger sliding to help the characters in crossing the road with heavy traffic. You may also need to jump on lily pads and floating logs or past train tracks that are no longer used. Don't wait too long to move across because an eagle may be coming anytime soon to swoop down and carry your character away. Within this free-to-play game, you have several options when your character dies, like choosing to redeem a free gift, spending some in-game coins to buy a new character, or watching an ad or video to earn more coins.

What makes the Crossy Road game more interesting?

·Very Simple Controls
There are just four buttons you need to control your character in your screen - down, up, left, and right. The game has a very simple objective of crossing the road and there are no other buttons needed except for these directional keys. One of the issues among simple games is the input lag, but this isn't the case when you play this arcade game. You won't experience the slightest bit of lag whatsoever because it has highly responsive controls You can gently press the buttons to quickly move in four directions and master the controls easily.

·Visually-Appealing Graphics and Design
You may need to go through the same challenge over and over again, but every match differs from the previous ones. Roads become unpredictable and you will be surprised with every spontaneous threat that you're about to face. As you don't know what to expect, this is why Crossy Road is a fun game to play with. The element of unpredictability of each round will make you play the game more than you've thought of.

·Unlock More Characters
More than 150 playable characters can be unlocked and you can decide to play with every one of them. There may be additional characters and you will get them randomly using the slot machine, which would remind one of gacha however you are not paying any money. As you play the game with a specific character, there could be different animals, pets, and other characters which you can consider. The game also includes human characters, like the President, a high school girl, a construction worker, a ninja, and even some celebrities.

Download and play the game on your PC so you can enjoy better gameplay on a larger screen. There are little to no ads whatsoever that can distract you while you play. Spontaneously face various risks to have some fun while you kill some hours or you want something different this time.

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